Welcome to Cabramatta Anglican Church

We’re so glad that you want to find out more about Jesus. There are many ways for you to hear about who is Jesus and why he is the foundation of the Christian faith. If this is the first time hearing or you would like further clarification on Jesus, then we recommend you to join our Christianity Explained course.

Christianity Explained Course

This is a six week course that explains who is Jesus and how we can respond to his message. It is a great course for people who need clarity about Christianity, Jesus and God. This course provides a safe environment where you can ask questions freely and consider the role Jesus plays in your life. This course is run by two members of Cabramatta Anglican Church and usually consists of a few people who are all on the same journey.

Here are the six lessons to the course.

Study 1: Jesus – Son of God
Study 2: Jesus – His crucifixion
Study 3: Jesus – His resurrection
Study 4: Grace – not works
Study 5: What is a Christian? 1. Repenting
Study 6: What is a Christian? 2. Believing

You can expect two members of Cabramatta Anglican Church who will guide you through your faith journey to meet Jesus. You can expect a safe and respectful environment where you can express your own thoughts and ask any questions without judgment.

The time is flexible and will be determined by the best option available for all participants of the group. 

That’s okay, we understand that you may be busy on a certain week, that’s just life. We do recommend that you join no later than the 3rd study. If you cannot make any of these studies, we suggest you hold off from joining and wait for the next course to run.

Yes, this course is for you and even though there is a study planned we want the sessions to be as natural and genuine as possible. You’re allowed to ask any questions you’d like and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Christianity Explained is scheduled to run four times a year and can change depending on the current circumstances.

Christianity Explained is a great environment to have a better understanding of Jesus and what it means to be a Christian. If you’re new to our church, we would still encourage you to attend so that we can read the Bible together, and start getting to know a few people from church.

You can bring a Bible if you have one but there will be Bibles provided throughout the course.

This course is for free, we want you to know Jesus and the difference he makes for your life.

Each session will be for approximately 1 hour. In this time, we’ll be getting to know each other, opening and discussing what the Bible says, and answering any questions you’d like to ask.

Yes you can stop attending the course once it has started. We will not force you to attend even though we would like to see you there. We also recommend joining from the first session rather than the third or fourth (as each session builds on each other).

If you would like to join and the course has already started, please contact us and we will work out an alternative way forward with you.

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If you have any other questions feel free to contact us via our contact page and we will get back to you shortly.