Meet the Team

Hien Luong
English Minister
Our English Minister became a Christian in his early teens and since then, has always wanted to help others know Jesus better. While he was still studying at university in 1992, he began running a youth group at St John’s Park Anglican church until 2007. By then, he had obtained his Electrical Engineering degree and began undertaking theological training at the Sydney Missionary & Bible College which he completed in 2012. From 2009 to 2012, Hien served as a warden at Cabramatta Anglican Church and also volunteered to lead at our youth ministry. In 2013, he began serving at CAC as a minister.

In his off-time, he loves visiting the beach to swim. He is also enjoys going fishing, cycling and swimming. Hien is married to Rita and has three children.

Min Yaw Law
Chinese Senior Minister
The Rev Min Yaw Law graduated from Business Management  at Singapore before being led by God to Sydney, where he undertook theological training at Moore College. He first began serving the community at Cabramatta in 1981 where he began first assisting in outreach ministry to the Indo-Chinese refugees, as a student minister. He went back to Singapore in 1984 where he continued serving as a pastor but in 1997, accepted an invitation to come back and serve at Cabramatta in 1997 and has been continually serving the community ever since.

In his ministry, Rev Min Yaw Law delights in leading people through Discipleship Training and Biblical Counseling courses and seeing them grow from being cared and nurtured to carers and nurturers of others. He also rejoices in how God has worked in him to deliver people from the harassment of evil spirits through prayers in the name of Jesus and also into saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Rev Min Yaw Law has been happily married to May for 34 years and is the father of two children and grandfather of three.

He also has enjoyed table tennis from a young age and even had to repeat year 8 due to how much he played. He enjoys cooking and gardening and collecting various species of pot plants alongside his walk-in greenhouse in his backyard.

Jonathan Chen
Chinese Assistant Minister
Our Chinese assistant Minister Jonathan Chen graduated from Moore Theological College in 2009. After four years of theological Training, he started as a full time minister at St John’s Anglican Cathedral Parramatta until 2016. Currently, he serves the Chinese congregations at Cabramatta Anglican Church. He loves sharing the gospel with Chinese people, especially to new immigrants. He is married to Renee and has two children. In his spare time, Jonathan enjoys reading and watching movies.

Key Contacts

  • Cactus Kids: Henry Zhao
  • ACCESS Youth Group: Roshan Mathew
  • Growth Groups: Chris Bulanhagui
  • English Minister: Hien Luong (0413 259 545)
  • Senior Minister: Min Yaw Law (0408 610 013)